New Products Coming in April

Article published at: Apr 12, 2024
New Products Coming in April
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Are you ready to add more colour to your knitting projects?

Wool Shop Moonah is bringing two new products to crafters in Tassie starting next month. The Heirloom Merino Magic Medley and the Patons Sierra Chunky will be available for purchase from the site and in store in April.

The Merino Magic Medley is a premium knitting and crocheting yarn that the crafting community will surely love for its exceptional quality and vibrant, multi-coloured strands. Made from 100% Australian Merino wool, this yarn offers unparalleled softness and warmth, making it perfect for a wide range of projects, from cosy sweaters and scarves to plush blankets and hats. This yarn is distinguished by its unique colour combinations, where each skein features a delightful blend of hues that transition smoothly, creating a stunning visual effect in the finished piece. The yarn's fine Merino fibres ensure a smooth, comfortable feel against the skin, without the itchiness often associated with wool, making it suitable for wearables for even the most sensitive skin.

The Merino Magic Medley is ideal for creating eye-catching garments, accessories, and home decor items, this yarn is both versatile and easy to work with, appealing to both beginners and experienced crafters. It is the natural choice for those looking for delightful degradé colour effects. Its composition ensures durability and warmth, making it a perfect choice for projects that combine aesthetic appeal with practicality.

Standard ball size is 50g or 105m long. Shop now!

The Patons Sierra Chunky is a versatile and cosy yarn that has become a favourite among knitters and crocheters looking for a high-quality, chunky option for their projects. It is the perfect blend of Acrylic (80%) and Wool (20%) and is the thicker cousin of the incredibly popular Patons Sierra 8-Ply.

This yarn offers an excellent range of colours, from vibrant hues to soft, earthy tones, making it suitable for a wide array of projects, whether you're crafting a warm winter scarf, a cosy blanket, or a stylish sweater. Its chunky weight means projects work up quickly, offering a satisfying and productive crafting experience. The texture of the yarn not only provides warmth and comfort but also adds a lovely visual dimension to finished pieces, making them stand out. Patons Sierra Chunky is an ideal choice for those seeking both quality and practicality in their yarn selection.

Standard ball size is 150g or 150m long. Shop now!